Abu Dhabi City Tour Deals from 125 AED*

If you are a tourist or living in a beautiful city Abu Dhabi then you have a right to visit U.A.E’s capital and explore each and every place of it. Therefore, Abu Dhabi tour will provide you a complete detail through which you can easily explore this beautiful city. This city is full of natural beauty have Jebel Hafeet that has the highest peak. Not only this, there are also many adventurous things and many interesting exercises which you can do with our Abu Dhabi tour while discovering Abu Dhabi.


Make Your Trip Memorable

If you want to explore Abu Dhabi then do it with us. ArabianSafari.com is one of the trusted firms through which you can discover each and every beauty of the city. We are sure that if you will plan your trip with us then you will absolutely make memories in each and every second of your trip. Therefore, if you will plan to explore with us then by continue reading the article we are providing complete detail about our rates and packages.

  • AED 175 per person for a group of four persons
  • AED 155 per person for a group of six persons
  • AED 145 per person for a group of twelve persons
  • AED 125 per person for a group of more than thirty persons

All of the above mentioned packages also include pickup from and drop off at your residence or hotel within Dubai.

Abu Dhabi City Tour Includes:

  • Pickup from your hotel or residence in Dubai
  • Drive through world’s biggest man-made Jabal Ali port
  • Abudhabi Corniche
  • Marina mall
  • Sheikh Zahid Mosque
  • Abudhabi Heritage Village
  • Presidential Palace
  • Abudhabi Market
  • Emirates Palace
  • Ferrari World (Outside)
  • Drop back to your hotel or residence in Dubai

Landmarks Of the City

When you are travelling with us, we will take you to the beautiful landmarks of the city. There are many beautiful architectures, which provide you the pleasant effect when you visit them. We take you towards Etihad tower that has a mind-blowing height and Emirates palace that has a beautiful architecture. One of the Islamic architecture also situated in Abu Dhabi that is Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque that has 82 domes along with a great number of columns. There are also many grand hotels located in this city. Etihad tower provides you a complete package to live in it, shop from it and also work in it. You can also discover world’s largest expo centre with Abu Dhabi’s tour that is at dune shaped UAE Pavilion.

Quality Time with your family in Parks

If you want to spend some of the time with your family or your friend then we will take you to the parks of this city. You can spend quality time with your loved ones in many attractive parks. It includes Ferrari World, YAS Water world, Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Alain Zoo, Alain Oasis, Hili Fun City and many other places that are full of beauty. Therefore, you can visit many places like this when you are in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Tour

Abu Dhabi The City of Beauty.

If any city is simply a deserted area, then I am sure that there is a question come to your mind that why people are very willing to visit that city? The UAE’s authorities think that they cannot only depend on oil field for their economy; they should make other arrangements for the success of their economy. Therefore, to increase the economic condition of any county tourism play a very important role in it. Then by this thought, they started the work to make the city beautiful so the tourist comes and visit their city and boost up their economy. However, this thought is not to apply on Abu Dhabi, as this is naturally a beautiful city and attract many people just because of their beauty and mind-blowing design of the building. If you take our deals for Abu Dhabi tour then we will provide you a complete package of entertainment, excitement, fun and adventure at such a low prices. You can enjoy each and every moment of your trip and gain an everlasting pleasure. If you are not much familiar with Abu Dhabi deals then you should contact our agency and we will provide you all the details and also offer you a deal at low prices. By continue reading we came to know about some of our packages that are based on the number of people in your family: 

For a Group Consist of Four People

If you have only two kids and you want to travel Abu Dhabi from Dubai then our deal offered you all the facilities at very low prices as AED 175 per person. This deal provides you all comforts like a pick and drops facilities from the hotel to anywhere you want to go. This offer is very interesting you should try it. By availing our deal, I am sure that you can enjoy your trip better than your private trip.

For a Group Consist of Six People

If your family has 6 members and you all want to visit Abu Dhabi then Abu Dhabi tour teal also available for six members. You can take that deal and get a chance to explore the city. This deal offers you a low amount as AED 155, therefore it is a great opportunity for you to avail this offer and explore all the beautiful and adventurous places of Abu Dhabi along with your family.

For a Group  Consist of Twelve People

It is true that if your family is big then your enjoyment is double. Good people make your environment better and happier. Therefore if you want to plan a trip for Abu Dhabi and there are 12 members of your family then don’t get worried about the expense Abu Dhabi tour deal offer you low prices like AED 145. This is a great chance for your family to avail this offer, discover the high peak of Jabel Hafeef, and also get a chance to see the beauty of Sheikh Zayed mosque at such a low cost.

For a Group of Consist of Thirty + People

If you want more fun then there is no need to expand more money just increase the number of people around you and then you will see most entertainment around you. If your family has more than thirty members then you can enjoy your trip at the low price by Abu Dhabi tour as 125 AED. This deal provides you great fun for sure and fulfil your all requirement.

Places you will explore with Abu Dhabi City Tours 

When you start your trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, you are passing through one of the beautiful port known as Jabal Ali Port. This is one of the big port, not only big it also consists of beautiful architectural work. If you want to do shopping then there is a Marina mall that is also one of the beautiful creation of Abu Dhabi. Then another place where you will visit is a mosque that is Sheikh Zayed mosques, this mosque is rich in beauty it has 82 domes and a number of columns. It is one of the great heritage of UAE. You can also visit presidential palace, which also provides you a pleasant view that you cannot forget the rest of your life. One more place that is the village of Abu Dhabi, which also attract people and base on history and cultures. In the end of the tour, everyone wants to buy something for themselves or for their friend so if you want to do more shopping then our deal will take you to Abu Dhabi market, which has popular brands and has products of good quality. You can buy anything from this market as this market has a number of great quality products of every type.

Except for the above trademarks, there are also many places and parks that are also one of the great attraction for tourist in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has water parks named as Yas Water World which has many adventurous rides along with water sports, it provides you a great adventure at low cost. If you love animals then there is also a zoo called Alian zoo and Alain aquatic, these zoos have many beautiful animals, fishes and birds. If you missed these places then you will miss the best part of your trip but our deals never let you miss anything. Ferrari world is another attraction but it is a bit costly as if if you want to visit Ferrari world then you have to pay more amount but trust me this place is worth time spending. People of every age group will attract by this place. For small children, Abu Dhabi has a wonderful place that is Hill Fun City, which is one of the best fun lands for your children where your children enjoy a lot and like this, you can discover all the small and big places of the city Abu Dhabi.