Musandam Dibba Tour Deals @ 169* AED

When you are travelling in the Dubai Musandam Dibba tour from Dubai provides you many different things that you can do in the Dubai. Dubai is most popular because of its dhow cruise through the Gulf of Persian shoreline. Musandam peninsula is situated at the northern end of Arabia within Oman. Macadam tour offers you the best and beautiful location of the Dubai, which gives the look of many natural scenes. While travelling you can see beautiful wadis along with the scenic limestone mountains view that can make your journey more beautiful. In short macadam, tour provide you all the chance to go through all the beautiful locations of the Dubai and make your journey unfordable.

Musandam Dibba Tour Packages from Dubai

The packages offered at for Musandam Dibba (Oman) Tour are as follows:

  • AED 199 per person for 1 to 10 persons.
  • AED 189 per person for group of 11 to 20 persons.
  • AED 179 per person for group of 21 to 30 Persons
  • AED 169 per person for group of 30+ Persons

The Musandam Dibba Tour prices also include:

Musandam Tour from abu dhabi

  • Pick-up and drop-off in selected locations (Burjuman Spinneys and Grand Hotel, Al Qusais)
  • Cruising the blue crystal clear Musandam Sea and enjoying the majestic views of fjords as you pass by
  • International buffet lunch
  • Refresh yourself with unlimited water, soft drinks, packed juices,
  • Eat some fresh fruits, and warm your body with tea and coffee
  • Swimming with friends in the clear cold water
  • Snorkeling with the fishes in the pristine water
  • Thrill yourself to the banana boat riding
  • Try your luck to catch some fish
  • Life jackets and snorkeling equipment provided
  • No dolphin sightings

Daily menu includes the following:

  • Plain rice and mix vegetable rice
  • Hummus
  • Arabic Bread
  • Arabic Salad
  • Green Salad
  • Chicken Fry
  • Pasta
  • Fried Fish
  • Potato with beef

Trip Itinerary

07:00 AM – 08:00 AM – Pick-up timing ( TIME IS DIFFERENT IN HOLIDAYS)
08:00 AM – 10:00 AM – Travel to Dibba, Musandam
10:00 AM – 10:30 AM – Border formalities (Permission and Passport Checking)
11:00 AM – 03:30 PM – Cruising Musandam Sea, Swimming, Snorkeling, Banana Boat Ride, Kayaking, Hand line Fishing, Lunch, etc.
03:30 PM – 05:00 PM – Cruising Back to Dibba Port.
05:00 PM – 07:30 PM – Driving back to Dubai

Musandam Dibba Tour

As I mentioned before macadam Dibba tour is located at the northern side of the Sultanate of Oman. This tour offers you the great variety of natural beauty, which you can experience with your friends and family. You can also enjoy water sports like hand fishing, snorkelling and swimming along with the trip at cruise which takes you towards Sharjah and then towards Dibba port. After that, you can enjoy the delicious dinner at the cruise in which you will get the best quantity of food having many varieties including vegetarian and non-vegetarians food. After having a meal you will return to Dibba port from where you will reach your final destination and end up your journey.

Musandam Dibba Tour Requirements

  • The trip is subject to its readiness during the time of reservation
  • Passport copies & Visa Copy shall be forwarded at least 48 hours prior of the reservation date
  • Original passport must be carried at all times during the course of the trip
  • For Dibba Trip, obtaining Oman’s Visa is not required
  • Guests with UAE Visit Visa can also travel
  • Sea and water activities are subject to weather conditions and Oman’s coast guard approval
  • Timing may vary due to weather or sea conditions


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Best offer for Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina at 150 AED

Dhow Cruise Marina Glass Boat

Among our many interesting entertaining activities, marina dhow cruise is one of the most exciting and thrilling places that we bring for you. Marina glass boat is one the most beautiful cruise where you can have food of the best quality. Through this cruise, you will able to see Jumeirah Beach Residences, many other high height hotels and beaches and offer the view of Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis Hotel. In short, by travelling on this cruise you will able to see most of the beautiful places of Dubai.


Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise Wooden Boat Package:

  • AED 150 per person for a group of 1 to 15 persons
  • AED 140 per person for a group of 16 to 30 persons
  • AED 130 per person for a group of 31 to 99 persons
  • AED 120 per person for a group of 100+ Persons

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise Glass Boat Package:

Note: Need to pay full amount in advance to reserve the booking for glass boat.

  • AED 200 per person for a group of 1 to 15 persons
  • AED 190 per person for a group of 16 to 30 persons
  • AED 180 per person for a group of 31 to 99 persons
  • AED 170 per person for a group of 100+ Persons

Both Packages above mentioned inclusion:

Dhow Cruise Marina AC Lower Deck

  • A welcoming drink upon arrival
  • Romantic ambiance at our dhow while cruising & dining aboard
  • Cruising over Dubai Marina for two hours
  • Delicious International & Asian buffet dinner
  • Live entertainment and Tanura Shows
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks, Coffee, Water, Juice and Tea
  • Open air upper deck and full air conditioned lower deck

(AED 25 Extra for Pick & Drop From Dubai for Wooden Cruise only)

Experience Dinner at Marina Dhow Cruise

Travelling in Dubai and get, your favorite food to eat is such a blessing. We also made efforts to fulfill your food requirement in a beautiful place, which will give you more pleasure. The food of marina cruise is one of the best food you will ever eat. Our marina cruise not only offers you a food but also give you the pleasure of the beautiful view of Dubai skyline. has done this work for many past years and provide the great services to their customers. We will also provide you the music facility along with our delicious food, which is beautifully decorated by our professional chefs. I am sure if you once go through our marine cruise food then you will wish to come here again and again.

Dhow Cruise Marina Picture Gallery

Dubai Dhow Cruise Deals

After hearing about the dinner on a cruise, you definitely think that the price of this deal is very high. If you think like this then do not worry, there are many interesting deals related to the dhow cruise dinner and all at very reasonable prices that is perfectly comfortable for your wallet to afford. These offers are very interesting and you should avail this offer. Do not think a lot just select our deals that suit you and have a wonderful dinner in a beautiful environment. This is very exciting opportunity for you and you should not miss this chance. In this article, we are providing you the complete details of our some of the deals.

Group of 1 to 15 Members

To spend your time with your loved one at low prices is such a great blessing. Here we offer you a deal that is low in price if your members are 15 in number. Each member has to pay AED 150 for the wooden boat and 200 for the glass boat. Therefore, you cannot think a lot about your expenses because you can enjoy the best quality of food at such low prices at a very beautiful place.

Group of 16 to 30 Members

If you have a big family and you want to spend your time with your family and want to have a dinner on the dhow cruise but thinking of price stops you then don’t worry we are offering you the dinner on dhow cruise in very reasonable price which you can afford easily. Each member has to pay AED 140 that is for wooden boat and 190 that is for glass boat. Isn’t it interesting? Then do not think a lot just experienced it and you will have a great time with your family or friends.

Group of 31 to 99 Members

Now with our deal, you can also have dinner on a cruise with your big family. We provide you the best deal in such a low prices. We fulfil your all requirements and gather you are all family members at one place in cheap prices. This offer is for the family who has 30 plus members in their family. Each member has to pay AED 130 that is for wooden boat and 180 for glass boat. It is such a great opportunity for you if you avail it.

For a Group of more than 100 Members

If you are going to have a dinner at any place and your family is big then you have to spend large amount of money. But we offer you a deal in which you can enjoy your meal at the breathtaking environment of cruise along with your big family and each member just has to pay AED 120 for wooden boat and 170 for glass boat. It is best option for you to have lunch in such low price at beautiful place.

Enjoy Many Other Facilities at the Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina

In the above article, you are completely aware of the best offer deals in such a low prices, which make your dinner more interesting. However, in spite of that, many other activities are very interesting and make your dinner hours more exciting on dhow cruise marina. After going through this experience, you will have the desire to come here repeatedly with your family or friends. Now I am going to tell you about some of the more exciting activities that will make your evening more beautiful:

Best Dinner Ever:

It is true that dhow cruise marina is bring something very interesting for you. The view from the upper floor is very beautiful and worth your time spending on that cruise. It is not all about beauty, we bring you on the cruise for dinner. The dinner that will give you is best in quality as well as in taste. Our professional tastes make all types of international dinner that make your trip more interesting. Having a good food is one of the great blessings and we will provide you the pleasure of the best meal at cruise. On another side, we also make the arrangement music and done beautiful decoration for to so that you can enjoy your evening in a great manner with your beloved. It is true that you can enjoy your food more if you are in an attractive and beautiful surrounding and we made our great effort to provide you every pleasure along with best food. When our waiter will serve you the food then the smell of the food will totally change your mood and you will enjoy the meal in such a beautiful surrounding. One more thing there is another good news that we cannot take extra charges for other facilities; you can have all the facilities on the cruise with the price of dinner.

Double Deck Cruise

Marina dhow cruise is not like ordinary cruise in which you just travel from one place to another place. Dhow cruise marina is a double deck cruise. On this double deck, you can have avail many other services that make your trip more beautiful that is beyond your expectation. One main this that our cruise marina is full air condition; hence we also take great care for making the environment most comfortable for you. We also make the arrangement of music and there is the place where you can dance with your friends or loved ones and enjoy every second of your journey. If you want to have more pleasure and joy then you can go on the upper deck, which is fully open, and you can feel the wind and the background music will make your evening more romantic and beautiful when you are with your partner. You can see many beautiful places while travelling in the cruise which includes a canal city that is two miles long and is rich with Venetian Culture and you will able to see the breathtaking view of the skyscrapers. Therefore when you experience this then you will believe that you spend your money is the right place.


One of the best parts in our deal is we offer you all kind of drinks on the cruise that is unlimited for you. You can have tea, coffee, soft drinks and many another types of drink that you want and is completely unlimited and we cannot take extra charges for it, we can only charge the cost of dinner and provide you all these services under that charges. It is such an interesting offer. Isn’t it? If you get pleasure in just reading, that offers then think when you will experience it you can enjoy more. Then do not think a lot just do it.

Beautiful Views

Along with the tasty food and beautiful environment, our dhow marina trip will also offer beautiful sights view. When you are travelling in the dhow cruise marina, you will able to see the beautiful view of Jumeirah residences, many luxurious malls in which dhow marina mall is also included, many hotels and a great number of beaches. This journey on dhow cruise marine along with the best food also provides you chance to discover many other places of the Dubai. Therefore if you will start your explore for Dubai from marina dhow cruise then it is such a superb decision you will ever make.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

Best Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai Creek at 65 AED*

dubai creek cruise

If you want to experience a good taste at the best place in the Dubai with your friends or family then your selection of is the best choice ever. We will provide you the best taste of the luxurious cruise in Dubai where you will enjoy your dinner time in the most beautiful environment and with the best quality of food.

Dhow Cruise Creek Packages

The packages that we offer for dhow cruise dinner in CreekDubai are as follows:

  • AED 80 per person for two persons
  • AED 75 per person for four persons
  • AED 70 per person for six persons
  • AED 65 per person for twelve persons

Pickup and Drop additional charges 10 aed per person and pickup point only from Deira and Bur Dubai area. 

The above mentioned prices also include:

  • A welcoming drink upon arrival
  • Cruising over Dubai Creek for two hours
  • Buffet Dinner with Non Vegetarian and Vegetarian international cuisine
  • Live entertainment and Tanura Shows
  • Bottomless Soft Drinks, Coffee, Water, Juice and Tea
  • Open air upper deck and full air conditioned lower deck

Dinner on Dhow Cruise Creek

dubai cruise dinner creek

The boating over the Dubai Creek will provide you the ever-lasting joy and you will be impressed by the beautiful view of Dubai with the background music, which we will offer you at reasonable price. Along with this, we also serve you a food that is full of taste and our chef provides you food with decorated toping, which will make your meal more delicious. So do not be late, experienced it with your loved one, and have a dinner on dhow cruise with us.

Places to Explore

Dubai is known as one of the beautiful city of Asia. It has a collection of the most beautiful and artistic building that touch the height of the sky named as Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. Dubai also has many beautiful water places some of them is naturally while some are manmade that is Palm Jumeirah and the World. There is also an architecture that is related to the Islamic culture. Dubai has many beautiful mosques that are another beautiful artistic invention of the Dubai.

Offers Amusement!

Dubai is the city that is full of entertainment for all the people no matter what age group they are belonging with. Some of the places that will provide you the pleasure are Desert Safari, Dubai Festival City, and Sky Dubai and like this, there are many places that left their ever-lasting effect on your mind. One of the most interesting places where we take you for the dinner on the Dow Cruise with your family or friend.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina
Wild Wadi Tickets
Luxury Yachts for Rent

Dubai City Tour Deals at (60 AED*)

dubai city tour deals

Dubai is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. Therefore, if you are living in the Dubai or plan to discover beautiful places in Dubai then will take you for the Dubai tour and make your journey more memorable. Dubai is the city where you can find many interesting and famous places to visit. It has also many buildings that are rich in beautiful artistic design and many locations that will take you back at the ancient times, hence Dubai has much more fun and interesting things to offer. Through our deals, you can enjoy your trip with many interesting activities and discover all the famous locations of Dubai in which Burj Al Khalifah and Burj Al Arab is the centre of attraction of Dubai.

Dubai City Tour Includes

A visit to Dubai Museum (museum ticket included)
Jumeirah Grand Mosque
Burj Al Arab
Jumeirah Open Beach
Marina View (a walk)
Palm Jumeirah
​Atlantis Hotel
​Dubai Mall
Burj Khalifa
Heritage Village
Royal Palace
Gold Souq

Dubai City Tour Packages

Below are the Dubai City tour deals that we offer:

  • AED 90 per person for a group of four persons
  • AED 80 per person for a group of six persons
  • AED 70 per person for a group of twelve persons
  • AED 35 per person for a group of more than thirty persons

All of these packages also include Pickup and Drop off from your residence or hotel within Dubai (Deira or Bur Dubai Area Only)

The Beauty of Dubai

Your decision to explore Dubai is very good decision. Dubai has a vast collection of beautiful places. When you will visit Dubai museum you will able to know about the history and the past culture of Dubai that reflect the picture of 1800 century. We will also take you to the Jumeirah Mosque that is considered one of the beautiful architecture of the world. Like this, there are many another places of historical importance but your visit is incomplete until and unless you will not take a look of Jumeirah Open Beach and Burj Al Arab, one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotel of the whole world. After seeing all these, your tour is still incomplete; you should also visit Burj Al Khalifa that is taller among all buildings in the world. People from all part of the world especially come to see these beautiful locations.

Before the ending of your tour, we will also take you to the Palm Island and Atlantis Hotel. In our bus that will take you to different location, you will also go through the route of Sheikh Zayed road where you can see skyscrapers and landmarks and then your journey ends up at the shopping mall where you can  buy anything for your friends, family and for yourself as well. So do not think a lot just book your deals and ready to explore. I am sure you will get a hell pleasure that leaves the everlasting effect on your mind.


Dubai A Place for Tourist Attraction

If you love to travel then you should visit Dubai. A tourist from every corner of the world visits Dubai because of its beauty. Dubai is the place, which offers people of every age group to visit and get pleasure of its beauty. Our deals provide many exciting offers for their customers. If you are a newly married couple then there is a dhow cruise, which makes your evening more romantic, and if you are shopping lovers then Dubai has many luxurious shopping malls, you can visit these malls and can buy everything. If you are fond of natural beauty then you should visit deserted areas where you will get the pleasure of sun rising and sunsets. Dubai has many theme parks, water parks and many adventurous places, which are specially designed for the adventurous people. In short, Dubai is the place for everyone where you get the mixture of culture, beauty and adventures and you will get the pleasure that you will never forget ever. But most important thing, when you will plant to discover Dubai it is very necessary that you will have a perfect guide plan through which you can easily discover each and every place of the Dubai. Do not worry our package will solve this problem; we will manage your days in such a way that you can easily get the pleasure of each location of the Dubai. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book our package that will suit you and get a chance to visit Dubai in most comfortable and planned way.

Important Places to Visit

Our deal lets you visit each and every important location of the Dubai. We provide you all the facilities to make your journey more interesting and comfortable. We will provide you the full day transportation services through which you can easily go to any place where you want. Our professional drivers will take you from your residence and drop you at the same place. We can make great efforts to provide you luxurious visit with us that you will not easily forget.

Jumeirah Mosque is one of the beautiful creation in Dubai. Its architecture design is very beautiful. This mosque is not a new creation, it was situated in 1976 after then it is reconstructed and become another attraction for the people. Not from the outside but also the inside, view of the mosque is beautiful like outside.

We will also take you to the Jumeirah beach, it the big beach where you can experience the sandy shore of different types of beeches along with many of the interesting activities that we plan for you to make you are travelling more interesting and thrilling. One of the main places of the Dubai is Burj Khalifah; it is one of the largest building in the world. In evening, the beauty of this building is doubled because of the lightning. Our deal also includes the visit to Burj Khalifa.

There are many luxurious hotels in the Dubai. But Burj Arab is above all in beauty, comforts and in all aspects. You will also get the chance to visit this luxurious hotel and see the artistic design of this hotel.

Dubai has a number of the island but one of the most beautiful islands is Palm Island. This island also attracts the people. Do you think why we called that island palm island? I am sure many of the people who never visited Palm Island think that that this island has many palm trees, but you are wrong this island is named as Palm Island because of its shape. It is a palm-shaped island, which is one of the beautiful examples of natural beauty.

Before leaving Dubai, everyone wants to go shopping and those people who love shopping then it is mandatory for him or her to visit each and every shopping mall of that place. Dubai also has a great variety of shopping malls among them mall of Emirates and Ibn E Battuta are very beauty and luxurious mall where you will get anything of your interest and you will get the pleasure of beauty along with shopping.

Deals of Dubai City Tour

Whenever you think to plan a tour of any city then one of the major problems is about prices. Travelling is very expensive nowadays. In addition, if you have a large family then it very difficult to plan any trip along with your family. So our deals solve your problem to the greater extent, we are offering you different types of deals at reasonable prices which you can book online.

For Four Members

If your family consist of 4 members then each member of the family will have to pay AED 90. This is one of the cheapest offers for you. In this price, you will also get pick and drop services and you can visit the whole city in such low prices.

For Six Members

When you are travelling privately then you will have to expend a large amount of money if your family consist of six members. But if you are taking our package for six people then each member will have to pay only AED 80 that is affordable for your pocket. You will get all the facilities and service in this price.

For Twelve Members

If you have twelve members in your family then to plan any tour is much difficult for you but our package can solve your problem and fulfil your desire to visit Dubai in a low price that is every member only has to pay AED 70.

For Thirty People

More people add more excitement in any journey. But sometimes it is difficult for you to plan a trip along with big family because of high prices. But our deal has an offer for the family that has thirty members in their family and every member has to pay AED 60 only. This is very interesting offer. Isn’t it?

Abu Dhabi City Tour Deals from 125 AED*

If you are a tourist or living in a beautiful city Abu Dhabi then you have a right to visit U.A.E’s capital and explore each and every place of it. Therefore, Abu Dhabi tour will provide you a complete detail through which you can easily explore this beautiful city. This city is full of natural beauty have Jebel Hafeet that has the highest peak. Not only this, there are also many adventurous things and many interesting exercises which you can do with our Abu Dhabi tour while discovering Abu Dhabi.


Make Your Trip Memorable

If you want to explore Abu Dhabi then do it with us. is one of the trusted firms through which you can discover each and every beauty of the city. We are sure that if you will plan your trip with us then you will absolutely make memories in each and every second of your trip. Therefore, if you will plan to explore with us then by continue reading the article we are providing complete detail about our rates and packages.

  • AED 175 per person for a group of four persons
  • AED 155 per person for a group of six persons
  • AED 145 per person for a group of twelve persons
  • AED 125 per person for a group of more than thirty persons

All of the above mentioned packages also include pickup from and drop off at your residence or hotel within Dubai.

Abu Dhabi City Tour Includes:

  • Pickup from your hotel or residence in Dubai
  • Drive through world’s biggest man-made Jabal Ali port
  • Abudhabi Corniche
  • Marina mall
  • Sheikh Zahid Mosque
  • Abudhabi Heritage Village
  • Presidential Palace
  • Abudhabi Market
  • Emirates Palace
  • Ferrari World (Outside)
  • Drop back to your hotel or residence in Dubai

Landmarks Of the City

When you are travelling with us, we will take you to the beautiful landmarks of the city. There are many beautiful architectures, which provide you the pleasant effect when you visit them. We take you towards Etihad tower that has a mind-blowing height and Emirates palace that has a beautiful architecture. One of the Islamic architecture also situated in Abu Dhabi that is Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque that has 82 domes along with a great number of columns. There are also many grand hotels located in this city. Etihad tower provides you a complete package to live in it, shop from it and also work in it. You can also discover world’s largest expo centre with Abu Dhabi’s tour that is at dune shaped UAE Pavilion.

Quality Time with your family in Parks

If you want to spend some of the time with your family or your friend then we will take you to the parks of this city. You can spend quality time with your loved ones in many attractive parks. It includes Ferrari World, YAS Water world, Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Alain Zoo, Alain Oasis, Hili Fun City and many other places that are full of beauty. Therefore, you can visit many places like this when you are in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Tour

Abu Dhabi The City of Beauty.

If any city is simply a deserted area, then I am sure that there is a question come to your mind that why people are very willing to visit that city? The UAE’s authorities think that they cannot only depend on oil field for their economy; they should make other arrangements for the success of their economy. Therefore, to increase the economic condition of any county tourism play a very important role in it. Then by this thought, they started the work to make the city beautiful so the tourist comes and visit their city and boost up their economy. However, this thought is not to apply on Abu Dhabi, as this is naturally a beautiful city and attract many people just because of their beauty and mind-blowing design of the building. If you take our deals for Abu Dhabi tour then we will provide you a complete package of entertainment, excitement, fun and adventure at such a low prices. You can enjoy each and every moment of your trip and gain an everlasting pleasure. If you are not much familiar with Abu Dhabi deals then you should contact our agency and we will provide you all the details and also offer you a deal at low prices. By continue reading we came to know about some of our packages that are based on the number of people in your family: 

For a Group Consist of Four People

If you have only two kids and you want to travel Abu Dhabi from Dubai then our deal offered you all the facilities at very low prices as AED 175 per person. This deal provides you all comforts like a pick and drops facilities from the hotel to anywhere you want to go. This offer is very interesting you should try it. By availing our deal, I am sure that you can enjoy your trip better than your private trip.

For a Group Consist of Six People

If your family has 6 members and you all want to visit Abu Dhabi then Abu Dhabi tour teal also available for six members. You can take that deal and get a chance to explore the city. This deal offers you a low amount as AED 155, therefore it is a great opportunity for you to avail this offer and explore all the beautiful and adventurous places of Abu Dhabi along with your family.

For a Group  Consist of Twelve People

It is true that if your family is big then your enjoyment is double. Good people make your environment better and happier. Therefore if you want to plan a trip for Abu Dhabi and there are 12 members of your family then don’t get worried about the expense Abu Dhabi tour deal offer you low prices like AED 145. This is a great chance for your family to avail this offer, discover the high peak of Jabel Hafeef, and also get a chance to see the beauty of Sheikh Zayed mosque at such a low cost.

For a Group of Consist of Thirty + People

If you want more fun then there is no need to expand more money just increase the number of people around you and then you will see most entertainment around you. If your family has more than thirty members then you can enjoy your trip at the low price by Abu Dhabi tour as 125 AED. This deal provides you great fun for sure and fulfil your all requirement.

Places you will explore with Abu Dhabi City Tours 

When you start your trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, you are passing through one of the beautiful port known as Jabal Ali Port. This is one of the big port, not only big it also consists of beautiful architectural work. If you want to do shopping then there is a Marina mall that is also one of the beautiful creation of Abu Dhabi. Then another place where you will visit is a mosque that is Sheikh Zayed mosques, this mosque is rich in beauty it has 82 domes and a number of columns. It is one of the great heritage of UAE. You can also visit presidential palace, which also provides you a pleasant view that you cannot forget the rest of your life. One more place that is the village of Abu Dhabi, which also attract people and base on history and cultures. In the end of the tour, everyone wants to buy something for themselves or for their friend so if you want to do more shopping then our deal will take you to Abu Dhabi market, which has popular brands and has products of good quality. You can buy anything from this market as this market has a number of great quality products of every type.

Except for the above trademarks, there are also many places and parks that are also one of the great attraction for tourist in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has water parks named as Yas Water World which has many adventurous rides along with water sports, it provides you a great adventure at low cost. If you love animals then there is also a zoo called Alian zoo and Alain aquatic, these zoos have many beautiful animals, fishes and birds. If you missed these places then you will miss the best part of your trip but our deals never let you miss anything. Ferrari world is another attraction but it is a bit costly as if if you want to visit Ferrari world then you have to pay more amount but trust me this place is worth time spending. People of every age group will attract by this place. For small children, Abu Dhabi has a wonderful place that is Hill Fun City, which is one of the best fun lands for your children where your children enjoy a lot and like this, you can discover all the small and big places of the city Abu Dhabi.

Hatta Mountain Tour at (100 AED*)

hatta mountain tour dubai

If you have a desire to visit, most beautiful and best side of Dubai then Hatta tour is one of the best places for you, which consist of natural beauty. Our Hatta mountain safari deal has many exciting activities and gives you the chance to experience sandy and mountainous areas that are the best part of Dubai. Through Hatta tour, you are able to see the natural beauty, which is full of adventures because of our interesting activities. Dubai offers you lots of beautiful places in which most of the mountainous places are included and when you discover those places and experience their beauty then you can say that you visited Dubai in actually in which Hatta mountains play a major role to increase the beauty of Dubai. Since many years Hatta Mountain becomes the centre of attraction for tourist because it offers that type of natural beauty which tourist want to experience. Hatta Mountain gives the display of fossil rocks along with many interesting rides.

Hatta Tour Packages

Some of the Hatta safari deals that are offered at are as follows:

  • AED 140 per person for a group of four persons
  • AED 125 per person for a group of six persons
  • AED 110 per person for a group of twelve persons
  • AED 100 per person for a group of more than thirty persons

All of the aforementioned packages also include:
 Hatta Tour

  • Pickup and drop off from anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah
  • Off Road Tracking across mountains
  • A visit to Hatta Heritage Village (Friday Will be Close)
  • Hatta Hill Park
  • An optional visit to historical Hatta Fort Hotel
  • Lunch at Hatta Fort Hotel for an addition cost of AED 80
  • Fresh water springs and pools (Depending on Rainy Season)
  • Drop off

Hatta Heritage Village

When you are tired from the tour and want to take some rest then Hatta Heritage Village is one of the most historical beautiful place in which you can take rest. With our Hatta safari deal, you can take the pleasure of this type of old architecture design hotel that is the beautiful representation of arts. All the construction that is houses and buildings give you the perfect look of old urban culture followed in Dubai. When tourist got tired then they preferred Hatta heritage village for rest just because of its beautiful architecture. Hatta tour also takes you towards Hatta dam that is also one of the great examples of natural beauty. If you are trill lover then Hatta tour also offers you Hatta pools and springs across which you can drive. After visiting all these places and experience, each and every natural site you will surely get a lot of pleasure, which you cannot forget ever.

Hummer Desert Safari at (200 AED*)

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

If you are living in the Dubai or a traveller, in both cases you always want to have some good moments and make some unforgettable memories. So here, we are bringing a good option for you that is Hummer Safari. This will fulfil your desires and expectations for sure. Hummer Safari will take you on the sandy hills and connects you with the beautiful golden deserts of Dubai, which you would never experience before. Therefore if you want to plan some outing with your family or friends and want to spend your vacations in memorable manner then Dubai safari is one of the great option in which hummer safari will take you to the best sandy places of Dubai, which will make your trip meaningful.

Hummer Desert Safari Packages:

Our Hummer desert safari deals come with pickup and drop off from your hotel/location in Dubai and Sharjah:

  • AED 250 per person for a group of 4 persons
  • AED 235 per person for a group of 6 persons
  • AED 215 per person for a group of 12 persons
  • AED 200 per person for a group of 30 persons
  • AED 145 for child below 10 years

Exclusive Hummer Safari Deal

For those who are looking for a bit exclusivity and more out of their Hummer desert safari in Dubai can opt for our deluxe package by hiring H2 Hummer at a cost of 1500 AED

Hummer Safari a way towards pleasure and happiness

Hummer safari is one of the best option to visit all the sandy hills in Dubai and it will make your trip more adventuring by dune bashing. Dune bashing is not the only things that hummer safari is offered, it also have much more interesting options in our campsite which is full of luxuries and fun and will make your day and the whole trip memorable and fascinating. You can also take camel ride and do quad biking that is something quite more thrilling. So do not think a lot just visit our website and you will be provided all the details.

All of the packages mentioned above also include:

  • Camel Riding
  • Photography in Arabic Dresses
  • Dune Bashing
  • Henna Pattern Designing
  • Bottomless Water, Soft Drinks and Hot Beverages
  • Sand Boarding
  • Quality dinner with various BBQ, Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes
  • Quad Biking for an extra cost
  • Separate toilets for both ladies and gents
  • Belly Dance
  • Tanura Show
  • Fire Show
  • Drop off

Things to Be Considered

  • People with back problems, serious heart ailments or senior citizen with health issues should refrain from embarking on dune bashing expedition. Advance request shall be made for such person/s to be directly dropped off at our campsite.
  • All the bookings shall be made at least forty eight hours before the time of departure
  • Any changings or cancellation of the trip shall be notified within 24, otherwise cancellation charges may apply.

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Morning Desert Safari Dubai

morning desert safari in dubai

We are offering morning safari for adventurous people. People who want to do exciting activities can take this deal. Morning safari offers to bash on the sand dunes under the shining sun. This adventurous activity is one of the great experience that you can have in the Dubai.

The whole experience of morning desert safari in Dubai will last for about four hours, Pickup Time is 8:30 am to 9am and Drop off time is 11:30 am to 12:00pm


Morning Desert Safari Packages

You can avail a number of morning desert safari Dubai packages for as low as AED 90 per person. Detailed package info is as follows:

  • AED 140 per person for a group of 2-3 persons
  • AED 120 per person for a group of 4-6 persons
  • AED 100 per person for a group of twelve persons
  • AED 90 per person for a group of more than thirty persons

The morning desert safari Dubai rates mentioned above also include:

  • Pick up right from your hotel or your residence located anywhere within Dubai and Sharjah
  • Thrilling dune bashing all across red sandy dunes in Lahbab area (Hatta-Oman Road) for about 30 to 40 minutes
  • Abundant opportunities of capturing scenic moments within the lens of your camera
  • Free Sand boarding
  • Free Camel Ride
  • Free Water
  • Quad bike riding for a extra cost
  • Picture with Falcon for a little extra cost
  • Horse Riding for a little extra cost
  • Drop off at your hotel or residence anywhere within Dubai and Sharjah

Morning Safari Gallery


In Dubai, you can discover many interesting things, which will give you pleasure and many memories to build, but dune bashing is above them all. This experience provides you an everlasting pleasure that you can never have before. Morning safari is actually designed for those people who love to do sun boarding and dune bashing like thrilling activities only and not much interested in visiting deserted areas. Therefore, if you think you are an adventure loving person or tourist then do experience a desert safari in the daytime, you will enjoy it for sure.

Things to Be Considered

  • People with back ailments, or pregnant women and senior citizens with serious heart conditions are not morning desert safari dubai packagesrecommended to be a part of dune bashing voyage
  • We only accept cash payment, during the time of the pickup
  • Trip shall be booked at least 48 hours before the actual time of departure
  • Any cancellations of the trip shall be made well within 24 hours, otherwise cancellation charges may be applicable

Trust Our Expertise

With years of experience behind our backs, the Arabian Desert Safari Tours offer premium safari experience.

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Overnight Desert Safari at (220 AED*)

overnight desert safari packages

Are you get tired from the routine life of the city and wanted to spend your time at some interesting places? If yes, then overnight desert safari provide you the complete package which includes that type which you want to enjoy and will give you pleasure for sure. In overnight desert safari, you will get the chance to stay in desert camps under the open sky. The camp is very luxuries and provides you all the facilities for your comfort. After travelling the whole day every person want to take some rest at comfortable place, therefore overnight safari fulfil your requirement and provides you the best place to rest. Therefore, don’t take tension about stay just enjoy your dune bashing and overnight safari will take care of your rest.

Overnight Safari Package Details:

For those looking to spend the night under the sheet of stars, can do so for as low as AED 220 per person. Our detailed overnight desert safari packages are as follows:

  • AED 250 per person for a group of four persons
  • AED 240 per person for a group of six persons
  • AED 230 per person for a group of twelve persons
  • AED 220 per person for a group of more than thirty persons

The aforementioned prices also come with additional perks such as:

  • Pick and drop from your residence or your hotel anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah.
    overnight desert safari dubai
  • Ample chances of capturing picturesque sunset in the desert through the lens of your camera
  • Adrenaline filled dune bashing action
  • Camel riding
  • Sand Boarding
  • Quad Biking experience for some additional price
  • Unlimited hot and cold beverages and water
  • Tanura and exotic belly dance show
  • A host of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes along with the BBQ
  • Men’s and Women’s separate toilets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Breakfast, Coffee and Tea in the morning

The Overnight Safari Experts

When you will plan to visit with overnight safari deal then do not think a lot just book your tour at We will take the great care of your travelling. We will provide you all the facilities for your comfortable trip. We have drivers that are fully trained. All the drivers that we are provided to you will have all the accessories that can make your journey more comfortable and safe. We made great efforts to provide all the best services to our customers in our overnight desert safari deals. Therefore, if you are planned to visit Dubai with your friends or loved ones then do consider overnight desert safari deal that is available on Phoenix Dessert Safari Tour. We are not only offering you the visit but also make such arrangements that will make your journey unforgettable and I am sure you will have the best time ever in Dubai

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Evening Desert Safari Dubai at (30 AED*)

Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari is one of the leading, if not the top, tourist attraction in Dubai. This cruise across the dry river sand has been attracting thrill seekers in Dubai for years, offering a much more breath taking side of the city. Evening Desert Safari in Dubai come in all sizes & shapes, and here at we offer some of the most competitive evening safari offers and deals to our patrons.



Self Drive Package for Evening Safari

(Reach Our Camp directly, Click here for Map)
Evening Safari Deals for those who would like to come directly to our desert meeting point in their own cars

  • AED 45 per person for 1 to 29 Persons.
  • AED 40 per person for group of 30 to 99 Persons.
  • AED 30 per person for group of 100 t0 199 Persons.

Standard Package for Evening Desert Safari

For those who’re just looking to hit the sandy waves can get their fix of excitement for as low as 50 AED.
We also offer pickup from standard locations and our detailed prices are mentioned below:

  • AED 60 per person for group of 1 to 99 persons.
  • AED 55 per person for group of 100+

Pickup Time 3 pm to 3:30 pm and drop off time 9 to 9:30 pm

Standard pickup areas in Dubai are:

evening desert safari packages

  • Lulu Barsha Market Behind Mall of Emirates
  • Day to Day Market Opposite Deira City Center
  • Dragon Mart Main Entrance
  • Spinneys Market Near to Burjuman Center

While, standard pickup areas in Sharjah are:

  • Mega Mall Main Entrance
  • Sharjah City Center Main Entrance
  • New Nesto Market School Area, National Paints
  • Sahara Center (Back Side of Sahara Center near Sharjah Taxi Stands)



Dubai Evening Desert Safari Deluxe Package

(Pickup & Drop off from your Home/Hotel by Land Cruiser)

  • AED 115 per person for group of 1 to 7 Persons
  • AED 105 per person for group of 8 to 14 Persons


(Pickup & Drop off from your Home/Hotel by 4×4, “Toyota Fortuner, Chevrolet Tahoe, Toyota Prado or Toyota Previa”)

  • AED 99 per person for group of 1 to 7 Persons
  • AED 95 per person for group of 15+

The Deluxe package includes pick up from residence in Dubai or Sharjah between 3 pm to 3:30pm and drop off around 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm by 4×4 along with 25 to 30 minutes of dune bashing.


Evening Safari Golden Package

(Pickup & Drop off from your Home/Hotel by Land Cruiser & Quad Bike Included)

  • AED 215 per person for 1 to 7 persons
  • AED 200 per person for 8 to 14 persons
  • AED 190 per person for 15 to 30 persons


Evening Desert Safari Dubai

All these packages also include:

  • Dune Bashing (10 minutes standard package, 25 minutes deluxe package and golden package)
  • BBQ Dinner (Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian)
  • Free Camel ride
  • Photography during sunset
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks, Water, Coffee and Tea
  • Free Sand Boarding
  • Belly Dance Show
  • Tanoura Show
  • Fire Show
  • Free Henna
  • Toilet facilities
  • Free Arabic Dress Photograpy
  • Quad Biking from 100 AED to 300 AED.


Dubai Evening Safari on Discounted Price

In past you might have took evening strolls or went on long drives, but none of that would compare to what evening safari in Dubai has to offer to the thrill seekers. Feel the adrenaline pumping in your veins as you buckle up for a jumpy and bumpy off-road experience on the sandy dunes of Dubai. Apart from the exciting dune bashing across vast desert, expect a luxurious Arab hospitality as soon as you arrive at the campsite that is equipped with lavish tents, carpets, pillows and a lot more. With everything from camel rides to soothing campfire to exotic belly dancing, our evening desert safari packages are sure to fill your trip up with some unforgettable memories.

Refund Policy

  • Booking shall be made in advance and at least 24 hours before.
  • Cancellation or change in plan shall be made within 6 hours or cancellation charges might be applied
  • It is recommended that pregnant women, people with heart or back problems or senior citizens shouldn’t be a part of dune bashing.
  • Some of the aforementioned offers are not available during weekends.
  • Children of less than three years of age can accompany free of cost.
  • Only Cash payment is accepted during the time of pickup.

So brace yourselves for an unforgettable experience of your lifetime.


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Why Your Next Desert Safari Dubai Will Be the Experience of a Lifetime

Leave your next trip’s planning in our hands; with the desert safari Dubai, you’ll be meeting equal parts adventure, thrill, and culture – all wrapped into a single, unforgettable experience. Whether you’re on the look-out for a scenic journey underneath the star-strewn night skies, or otherwise craving an elegant, stylish, and uber-cool ride in  a Land Cruiser – we’ve got it all for you.

And there’s much more into Dubai Desert Safari

With the massively-popular desert safari ride in Dubai, don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll circle a gorgeous landscape decked with sand dunes once, and be done and dusted for the day. There is quite a lot more thrilling activities parceled into a neat package that is sure to pack a punch!

Why not pair your Dubai desert safari with sand-boarding, dune-bashing, or a galloping horse ride? When the dark sky settles above, and blankets the sleepless city, enjoy a revitalizing night camping out amongst the stars.

If you’re one to infuse your love for nature and scenic beauty with unparalleled luxury, Dubai is just the place for you! And what better way to celebrate this union of cultures, than by experiencing a night out via a desert safari ride?

So what are you waiting for?

Make the most of your next trip to the tourist hot-spot. Celebrate the unique, unmatched diversity, culture, scenic beauty, and urban appeal that the city has to offer, courtesy of the desert safari ride in UAE!