Best offer for Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina at 150 AED

Dhow Cruise Marina Glass Boat

Among our many interesting entertaining activities, marina dhow cruise is one of the most exciting and thrilling places that we bring for you. Marina glass boat is one the most beautiful cruise where you can have food of the best quality. Through this cruise, you will able to see Jumeirah Beach Residences, many other high height hotels and beaches and offer the view of Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis Hotel. In short, by travelling on this cruise you will able to see most of the beautiful places of Dubai.


Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise Wooden Boat Package:

  • AED 150 per person for a group of 1 to 15 persons
  • AED 140 per person for a group of 16 to 30 persons
  • AED 130 per person for a group of 31 to 99 persons
  • AED 120 per person for a group of 100+ Persons

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise Glass Boat Package:

Note: Need to pay full amount in advance to reserve the booking for glass boat.

  • AED 200 per person for a group of 1 to 15 persons
  • AED 190 per person for a group of 16 to 30 persons
  • AED 180 per person for a group of 31 to 99 persons
  • AED 170 per person for a group of 100+ Persons

Both Packages above mentioned inclusion:

Dhow Cruise Marina AC Lower Deck

  • A welcoming drink upon arrival
  • Romantic ambiance at our dhow while cruising & dining aboard
  • Cruising over Dubai Marina for two hours
  • Delicious International & Asian buffet dinner
  • Live entertainment and Tanura Shows
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks, Coffee, Water, Juice and Tea
  • Open air upper deck and full air conditioned lower deck

(AED 25 Extra for Pick & Drop From Dubai for Wooden Cruise only)

Experience Dinner at Marina Dhow Cruise

Travelling in Dubai and get, your favorite food to eat is such a blessing. We also made efforts to fulfill your food requirement in a beautiful place, which will give you more pleasure. The food of marina cruise is one of the best food you will ever eat. Our marina cruise not only offers you a food but also give you the pleasure of the beautiful view of Dubai skyline. has done this work for many past years and provide the great services to their customers. We will also provide you the music facility along with our delicious food, which is beautifully decorated by our professional chefs. I am sure if you once go through our marine cruise food then you will wish to come here again and again.

Dhow Cruise Marina Picture Gallery

Dubai Dhow Cruise Deals

After hearing about the dinner on a cruise, you definitely think that the price of this deal is very high. If you think like this then do not worry, there are many interesting deals related to the dhow cruise dinner and all at very reasonable prices that is perfectly comfortable for your wallet to afford. These offers are very interesting and you should avail this offer. Do not think a lot just select our deals that suit you and have a wonderful dinner in a beautiful environment. This is very exciting opportunity for you and you should not miss this chance. In this article, we are providing you the complete details of our some of the deals.

Group of 1 to 15 Members

To spend your time with your loved one at low prices is such a great blessing. Here we offer you a deal that is low in price if your members are 15 in number. Each member has to pay AED 150 for the wooden boat and 200 for the glass boat. Therefore, you cannot think a lot about your expenses because you can enjoy the best quality of food at such low prices at a very beautiful place.

Group of 16 to 30 Members

If you have a big family and you want to spend your time with your family and want to have a dinner on the dhow cruise but thinking of price stops you then don’t worry we are offering you the dinner on dhow cruise in very reasonable price which you can afford easily. Each member has to pay AED 140 that is for wooden boat and 190 that is for glass boat. Isn’t it interesting? Then do not think a lot just experienced it and you will have a great time with your family or friends.

Group of 31 to 99 Members

Now with our deal, you can also have dinner on a cruise with your big family. We provide you the best deal in such a low prices. We fulfil your all requirements and gather you are all family members at one place in cheap prices. This offer is for the family who has 30 plus members in their family. Each member has to pay AED 130 that is for wooden boat and 180 for glass boat. It is such a great opportunity for you if you avail it.

For a Group of more than 100 Members

If you are going to have a dinner at any place and your family is big then you have to spend large amount of money. But we offer you a deal in which you can enjoy your meal at the breathtaking environment of cruise along with your big family and each member just has to pay AED 120 for wooden boat and 170 for glass boat. It is best option for you to have lunch in such low price at beautiful place.

Enjoy Many Other Facilities at the Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina

In the above article, you are completely aware of the best offer deals in such a low prices, which make your dinner more interesting. However, in spite of that, many other activities are very interesting and make your dinner hours more exciting on dhow cruise marina. After going through this experience, you will have the desire to come here repeatedly with your family or friends. Now I am going to tell you about some of the more exciting activities that will make your evening more beautiful:

Best Dinner Ever:

It is true that dhow cruise marina is bring something very interesting for you. The view from the upper floor is very beautiful and worth your time spending on that cruise. It is not all about beauty, we bring you on the cruise for dinner. The dinner that will give you is best in quality as well as in taste. Our professional tastes make all types of international dinner that make your trip more interesting. Having a good food is one of the great blessings and we will provide you the pleasure of the best meal at cruise. On another side, we also make the arrangement music and done beautiful decoration for to so that you can enjoy your evening in a great manner with your beloved. It is true that you can enjoy your food more if you are in an attractive and beautiful surrounding and we made our great effort to provide you every pleasure along with best food. When our waiter will serve you the food then the smell of the food will totally change your mood and you will enjoy the meal in such a beautiful surrounding. One more thing there is another good news that we cannot take extra charges for other facilities; you can have all the facilities on the cruise with the price of dinner.

Double Deck Cruise

Marina dhow cruise is not like ordinary cruise in which you just travel from one place to another place. Dhow cruise marina is a double deck cruise. On this double deck, you can have avail many other services that make your trip more beautiful that is beyond your expectation. One main this that our cruise marina is full air condition; hence we also take great care for making the environment most comfortable for you. We also make the arrangement of music and there is the place where you can dance with your friends or loved ones and enjoy every second of your journey. If you want to have more pleasure and joy then you can go on the upper deck, which is fully open, and you can feel the wind and the background music will make your evening more romantic and beautiful when you are with your partner. You can see many beautiful places while travelling in the cruise which includes a canal city that is two miles long and is rich with Venetian Culture and you will able to see the breathtaking view of the skyscrapers. Therefore when you experience this then you will believe that you spend your money is the right place.


One of the best parts in our deal is we offer you all kind of drinks on the cruise that is unlimited for you. You can have tea, coffee, soft drinks and many another types of drink that you want and is completely unlimited and we cannot take extra charges for it, we can only charge the cost of dinner and provide you all these services under that charges. It is such an interesting offer. Isn’t it? If you get pleasure in just reading, that offers then think when you will experience it you can enjoy more. Then do not think a lot just do it.

Beautiful Views

Along with the tasty food and beautiful environment, our dhow marina trip will also offer beautiful sights view. When you are travelling in the dhow cruise marina, you will able to see the beautiful view of Jumeirah residences, many luxurious malls in which dhow marina mall is also included, many hotels and a great number of beaches. This journey on dhow cruise marine along with the best food also provides you chance to discover many other places of the Dubai. Therefore if you will start your explore for Dubai from marina dhow cruise then it is such a superb decision you will ever make.

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