Hatta Mountain Tour at (100 AED*)

hatta mountain tour dubai

If you have a desire to visit, most beautiful and best side of Dubai then Hatta tour is one of the best places for you, which consist of natural beauty. Our Hatta mountain safari deal has many exciting activities and gives you the chance to experience sandy and mountainous areas that are the best part of Dubai. Through Hatta tour, you are able to see the natural beauty, which is full of adventures because of our interesting activities. Dubai offers you lots of beautiful places in which most of the mountainous places are included and when you discover those places and experience their beauty then you can say that you visited Dubai in actually in which Hatta mountains play a major role to increase the beauty of Dubai. Since many years Hatta Mountain becomes the centre of attraction for tourist because it offers that type of natural beauty which tourist want to experience. Hatta Mountain gives the display of fossil rocks along with many interesting rides.

Hatta Tour Packages

Some of the Hatta safari deals that are offered at Arabiansafaris.com are as follows:

  • AED 140 per person for a group of four persons
  • AED 125 per person for a group of six persons
  • AED 110 per person for a group of twelve persons
  • AED 100 per person for a group of more than thirty persons

All of the aforementioned packages also include:
 Hatta Tour

  • Pickup and drop off from anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah
  • Off Road Tracking across mountains
  • A visit to Hatta Heritage Village (Friday Will be Close)
  • Hatta Hill Park
  • An optional visit to historical Hatta Fort Hotel
  • Lunch at Hatta Fort Hotel for an addition cost of AED 80
  • Fresh water springs and pools (Depending on Rainy Season)
  • Drop off

Hatta Heritage Village

When you are tired from the tour and want to take some rest then Hatta Heritage Village is one of the most historical beautiful place in which you can take rest. With our Hatta safari deal, you can take the pleasure of this type of old architecture design hotel that is the beautiful representation of arts. All the construction that is houses and buildings give you the perfect look of old urban culture followed in Dubai. When tourist got tired then they preferred Hatta heritage village for rest just because of its beautiful architecture. Hatta tour also takes you towards Hatta dam that is also one of the great examples of natural beauty. If you are trill lover then Hatta tour also offers you Hatta pools and springs across which you can drive. After visiting all these places and experience, each and every natural site you will surely get a lot of pleasure, which you cannot forget ever.